Let’s begin with a story

Bola and Tunde made a decision to find an alternative to their erratic power supply in July 2012.
Bola decided to buy a generator set of 2.5 KVA capacity at N45,000, and spent an average of N20,880 on fuel monthly to keep it running for about 10 hours a day, and also an average minimum cost of N2,000 per month on servicing. His average monthly maintenance fee was about N23,000, making a minimum of N300,000 per year including minimal repairs.

By the end of June 2015, Bola had spent an average of N945,000 on alternative power including the cost of his power generating set, which had already served it’s use value.

Tunde, on the other hand bought an inverter set with 2.5KVA capacity with four (4) 200AH batteries at a cost of N330,000 giving him an average of 13 hours in the first one year, and 8 hours by the end of June 2015, with no maintenance cost of any form.

Looking back, Tunde had not only saved cost, he also enjoyed uninterrupted power supply due to auto switch technology , no environmental pollution , enjoyed sound sleep , saved more time, and met deadlines , Worked smart,enjoyed a quiet and sane environment. Tunde’s advantages are endless, and priceless.

Having 24hrs Electricity to aid your productivity is not rocket science.
We have achieved 100% Project success and customer satisfaction in alternative till date with the quality of our products and auto-switch installations.


Thrillhouse Energy School

Gain Technical knowledge in inverter and solar installation in one month.

In four weeks you will be proficient in:

  1. Energy Auditing
  2. Inverter design and installation with auto switch technology
  3. Solar system design and installation
  4. Battery Maintenance
  5. Alternative energy marketing

Forms are available online and at Thrillhouse IT & Energy center: 6, Oshitelu Street, Opposite Gtbank, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos or Moremi Hall Car-Park OAU, Ile-Ife, Osun State.
Form fee + pretest guild :N2000